on tuesday i’m going to become a foster mom for some adorable kittens and i couldn’t be more excited

thank you so much to the anon who requested mommy and babies pictures for tonight! it was pretty challenging to round some up but i hope you like what i found!

this was a lot of fun with a given theme so if anyone else a request let me know! like a specific type of kitten, or color, or something!

love you guys!

so i’m trying to convince my mom that it would be a good idea to foster a few kittens (like two) for my friend after a stray she took in gives birth¬†

it’s not going very well though, anyone have any ideas to convince her lol?

the mom should give birth by the end of february and she doesn’t know how many kittens there are going to be but she knows she won’t be able to care for all of them

i just want to care for them until we can find them some nice homes